Direct K9 Services uses a balanced approach to canine training to ensure a strong bond is built between you and your dog.

In Home Dog Training

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In Home Dog Training

These private sessions allow for the full attention of the trainer and are designed to include all household members. This approach allows for training that is not only focused on the individual needs of each dog, but that is conducted in an environment that is familiar to your pet, providing optimal learning conditions. In-home dog training is more effective than group classes and it gives the trainer direct insight into the lifestyle and environment which ultimately influences your dog’s behaviour and demeanour.
Some additional advantages of in-home training are:
  • Training that suits your lifestyle and household requirements (home environment).
  • Establishing a training / management plan for any behavioural concerns you may have with your dog in a familiar environment.
  • Training that educates you as the owner in dog psychology and behaviour, while also giving you the tools to better understand and communicate with your dog.

Dog Behaviour Consultation

We understand that each household and dog is different and that’s why we do not pass judgement; instead, we help you understand the psychology behind why your dog does what it does, while also helping you understand how we as humans influence their day to day behaviours. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to better understand canine communication. Behaviours that can be addressed with an in-home session:
  • Excessive jumping
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Aggressive/ fear-based behaviours
  • Anxiety
  • Socialisation (people & animals)
  • Resource guarding
  • Dog obedience
  • Social walking
Direct K9 Services also provide the option to fast track obedience training for the following skills:
  • Heel (on/off lead)
  • Sit at heel
  • Stay
  • Down/drop
  • Social walking


In home dog training/behaviour consultation (2-2.5-hours) with a trainer is $350 for one dog and $450 for two dogs. The training/behaviour session can target any training requirement or behaviour modification of your choosing. Direct K9 Services will provide you with a training package tailored to your individual requirements, and this includes phone and email support.
  • Get In Touch
  • Dog Assessment
  • Further Consultation

Get in contact with Direct K9 Services via or via mobile on 0451 824 278. A trainer will contact you for a phone consultation and conduct a preliminary evaluation specific to your dog’s personal environment and circumstances. If you decide our services are for you, an appointment that fits your schedule will be made.

A trainer will attend your home or location of choice, conduct an assessment of your dog and its behaviours, and provide an individualised and tailored training plan; this plan includes phone and email support afterwards.

If further consultation is required, a trainer will revisit and work with both you and your dog until the behaviour is corrected.