Direct K9 Services uses a balanced approach to canine training to ensure a strong bond is built between you and your dog.

In Home Puppy Training

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In Home Puppy Training

Setting up the foundation work for a new puppy is one of the most important and challenging aspects of building a good relationship between you and your dog. Therefore, it is important to establish a structured home environment based on routine, communication, and boundaries.
In fact, puppies thrive on structure and routine; it allows them to learn appropriate and independent sleeping patterns and most importantly, toilet training. Without such a framework, puppies are likely to assume leadership themselves, which is a big responsibility and can easily lead to the following behaviours:
  • Anxiety
  • Emotive and impulsive reactions
  • Hyperactivity
  • Resource guarding
  • Dominant behaviour
  • Non-cooperation
While group puppy classes do provide an excellent opportunity for your puppy to socialise with other dogs, which is undoubtedly important, just as important is the building of a calm, balanced dog – our private sessions allowing that. Direct K9 services also offers the option to start building the foundations for obedience training, by teaching your puppy the following skills:
  • Heel (on/off lead)
  • Sit at heel
  • Stay
  • Down/drop
  • Social walking


An in-home puppy consultation (2-2.5-hours) with a trainer is $300 for one puppy and $400 for two puppies. In order to book your puppy consultation, follow the steps below.
  • Get In Touch
  • Dog Assessment
  • Further Consultation

Get in contact with Direct K9 Services via or via mobile on 0451 824 278. A trainer will contact you for a phone consultation and conduct a preliminary evaluation specific to your dog’s personal environment and circumstances. If you decide our services are for you, an appointment that fits your schedule will be made.

A trainer will attend your home or location of choice, conduct an assessment of your dog and its behaviours, and provide an individualised and tailored training plan; this plan includes phone and email support afterwards.

If further consultation is required, a trainer will revisit and work with both you and your dog until the behaviour is corrected.