Direct K9 Services uses a balanced approach to canine training to ensure a strong bond is built between you and your dog.


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Direct K9 Dog Training and Behaviour Canberra offers personalised in-home dog training and behaviour consultations that involve the whole family and can be tailored to your specific lifestyle and preferences. Learning essential training techniques for your new puppy or longtime canine companion, will set a foundation for a lifetime of mutual respect, discipline and fun with your dog. The team service all of Canberra including Acton, Braddon, Downer, Lyneham, Red Hill and Watson.
Our dog training experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in training across various disciplines, including but not limited to fixing complex behavioural issues, training strict obedience techniques and mastering effective commands with your dog. With a focus on leadership and communication, our trainers will show you how to identify your dog’s needs and set appropriate boundaries, to build an effective and enjoyable relationship.

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